Posted on 03.20.2017

Fusion Design Consultants is Right At Home in the Innovation District

“The massive expanse of the South Boston waterfront, with its existing knowledge base, opportunity for growth, and world-class infrastructure is ripe to produce world-class products and services”, according to Boston’s beloved former Mayor, Thomas M. Menino.

Fusion Design Consultants is an innovative full service multi-disciplinary design firm, specializing in interior architecture and graphic design– and is, therefore, right at home (both literally and figuratively) in Boston’s Innovation District.

Literally, Boston is our home – the birthplace of liberty and the city of the smartest people in the country. Figuratively, our innovative designs, creativity and cutting edge projects fit right into the paradigm of the Innovation District home – producing world-class design services.

With the most awesome employees in Boston, a celebrated CEO and a location nourished by the leading edge vanguard firms of this millennium, Fusion Design Consultants is poised to usher in 2017 with exciting momentum and a bucket full of offerings.

Innovation, of course, does not happen in a vacuum. With our forward looking paid internship program, we have discovered many bright young pioneers who have made extraordinary contributions. Many of our young interns have come on board as full-time employees and have proven over and over again – the significant value of our internship program. This is one simple and always exciting way to cultivate new ideas and watch fertile minds in action.

Innovation is also encouraged by a nurturing and collaborative environment. Even in tight economic times, we can find a workable budget for team activities – encouraging the interface and harmonizing of different departments and cultivating friendships, camaraderie and solidarity amongst the employees. This fellowship allows for a virile and creative environment. Of course, our savvy managers are always walking the fine line between “managing” their departments while still providing enough autonomy to allow the creativity that is incubating there to grow and flourish. The wizardry of the perfect manager is found in his or her ability to provide the framework for efficient and innovative work to be done – and then taking a step back to allow the magic to happen.

Finally, innovation requires an executive team that has all the ingredients to make the recipe a success. What components do we need?  Well, the basic elements of imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness – are mixed together with aptitude, astuteness and acumen. The cake won’t rise, however, without the proper dose of stunning vision to make it all happen – fortuitously provided by our uber-talented executive team.

Was it serendipity that Fusion Design chose to plant roots in Boston’s magical Innovation District….? Or, like water seeking its own level, did we gravitate to a place that magnetically attracts novelty, invention and advancement. Fusion Design Consultants is certainly right at home in the Innovation District – and as we all know, there’s no place like home.

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