We at Fusion Design Consultants are so grateful for the valued landlord and developer client base that we have nurtured over the past 15 years, thank you.

As you prepare to welcome your tenants back to the workplace, there are many changes to be made. Your public spaces must be re-envisioned to accommodate immediate safety concerns, as well as longer-term goals that can adapt to the ever-evolving health and wellness guidelines.

One key element remains unchanged, and that is creating a sense of “place” for your tenants. The “street to suite” experience needs to remain at the forefront of the design considerations despite or perhaps, especially in this time of change. The workplace is re-opening with a great sense of trepidation and uncertainty, and we firmly believe that positive messaging will go a long way in combatting this. The safety protocols we are following are critical but often presented as sterile and clinical. However, by incorporating these crucial measures into a cohesive and thoughtfully branded design initiative, they can help your building feel more approachable and perhaps more normal for your tenants. As messaging changes, using and integrating technology will be crucial.

Safe buildings need not be lifeless and through smart design and engaging graphics, our team can deliver a re-imagined building experience that fosters healthy actions while maintaining a sense of community and place.

We will guide and support you through the process and together we will create a customized plan that addresses all of your short- and long-term safety goals.

Our Services

Graphics & Wayfinding

• Directional Arrows

• Occupancy Signage

• Distancing Practices

• 3D Renderings

Building Analysis

• Test Fit Plans

• Furniture Analysis

• Door & High Contact Surface Review

• Sanitizing Station Locations

• Entrance & Egress Analysis

• Fitness Rooms / Food Service Delivery Stations / Secondary Entrance


• 3D Renderings

• Marketing Plan

• Architectural Interior

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